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Josh Young

We claim to want American exceptionalism.


We claim to want American exceptionalism, but half of our population still has to protest for basic equality.


Our black brothers and sisters are demonized for demonstrating any way they can to get our attention. If they can't shout, they silently kneel, and yet we still ignore, or worse, villainize them.


Our most vulnerable scream into the deaf ears of our most powerful.


If you truly care about American exceptionalism as you claim, YOU must march. YOU must protest. Raise YOUR voice, which sadly may be louder than that of your brother or sister.


It's easy to fall into cliche that is easily ignored. "A house divided cannot stand." "United we soar, divided we fall." Etc. But these words, and more, were spoken by great men and women that shouted so others could hear. They still prevail today because they hold truths that should be self-evident. 


I am not a special, delicate snowflake, and not all of these people are either. This is an awakening. This is a reality no matter where you get your news. We are fighting the only way we are able to - a way that is protected by our tax dollars, our rights, and our citizenship in a country we love enough to stay in and fight for. We are Americans. 

Divisiveness isn't bred by the weak bringing attention to injustice, it is bred by the powerful doing their best to ignore it. You have asked me to hear your plight, your desperation. I have heard you and respect your struggle. So hear us and respect us. 


Don't disregard your fellow Americans, who bleed and sweat the same colors as you. If you truly are a patriot, educate yourself and do something about what you learn.


We need you to care. I need you to care.