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My first blog... ever.

Josh Young

Let that set the standard for what you are about to read. Aside from thoughts on movies and media, I plan to use this space to talk to myself. I don't plan to censor myself much, since nobody is going to read this. I hope to revisit this somewhat frequently, so as to create a rhythm of journaling that'll help me process my life. 

I'm moving.

I'm breaking ties with my life as it is now and heading out to see what else is out there. I've said since moving to Los Angeles four and a half years ago, that I was very fortunate to find a network of great people to help me support myself by crewing on commercials and occasional films. However, this created contentment. I could stay in this path forever, without truly challenging myself to get out there and make my own way. All of my heroes have stories about how they were in a rut, barely scraping by, and they decided once and for all to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and commit themselves to their dreams. Sometimes ruts are just more difficult to recognize because they're too damn comfortable. 

So here it goes. Maybe I'll miss out on a bunch of opportunities while I'm gone and come crawling back in a few months. But at the end of those few months, I'll know a little bit more about myself and a little bit more of what lays out there, beyond the amber glow of Los Angeles.